What is Kanban4B?


Kanban 4B provides a great opportunity to visualize the work, processes and procedures and to link the relevant tasks directly with the most important documents.


The visual management enables teams to make work more visible. Understand with Kanban4B the complex information such as Processes, tasks, relationships and risks.


Kanban4B helps teams to reduce the workload and stress.


Kanban4B helps teams and organizations to define quality standards, comply with them and increase.


Kanban4B-Analysis is the best solution for Managers to identify problems in processes and projects - in this way Kanban4B-Analysis help to identify unnecessary waiting times, overproduction, and defects and should be avoided.


Kanban4B helps save time for the transmission of status updates. Team members may spot or see mobile status of a task or the entire project in real time.

One Board, everything in sight.

The principle Kanban.

The Kanban Board.

Kanban is Japanese and means chart or panel. Kanban is a board on which cards be putting on to the respective columns which showing the work processes of the flow. One of the simplest variants is a Kanban board with three columns – to do, work in progress, finished. According to the status of the tasks the cards are passing through the respective columns.

The Flow Konzept.

Kanban is based on the flow concept. This means that all cards shall running through the system consistently and without long time of waiting or blockages. Everything which is obstructing the flow must be analyzed critical. Therefore Kanban knows different technologies, metrics and models.

A tool to ...

increase productivity

improve collaboration

identify bottlenecks

Everything is possible.

Your processes with Kanban4B

easy to install

versatile in use

intuitive operation

represent projects visually

optimize processes

Evaluation & Analytics

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